Mission Statement

“At Blu Business Development our highest priority is to create sustainable business success for our clients. We are committed to highest ethical standards and relentlessly pursue our clients interest as our own. Long term business relationships based on mutual respect and shared success are the cornerstones of our international business network.”

Business Development embraces the disciplines of marketing and sales and in our view it is all about explicit and conscious business expansion. 
It usually requires

  • Analysis of existing markets or market potential
  • Strategy for business expansion
  • Execution and customer acquisition

The business development goal implies an improvement/change rather than maintaining a status quo, aiming at new products, new regions, new market demand, or simply gaining new customers to increase the market share in competitive markets. 

A good strategy to achieve the desired change requires market awareness, experience, and the creativity to consider new approaches is essential. 
Often subtle and less obvious approaches such as indirect marketing 
techniques for demand creation prove far superior over straight forward selling. 
Identifying or creating new markets is often seen as luck rather than the result of strategic work. 

When people envy those who „invented“ a Tamagochi, Rubiks Cube or iPod, it is often overseen how – besides the idea or vision – developing such business requires a substantial amount of „demand creation“ prior to selling. 
The operational execution of a business development strategy shall also not be underestimated. Implementing new strategies or business approaches within an existing organisation often implies cultural changes and requires thorough re-training of the executing workforce. 

At Blu Business Development we bring experience in market analysis, developing business development concepts, and executing strategies into our clients teams.