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SBCCI, Aug 31 to Sep 4, 2015, in Salvador-Bahia, Brasil Details

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Productronica, Nov 10 to Nov 13, 2015 in München Details

Health & Food

You wonder how this fit‘s into our heavily technology oriented business portfolio? Well, on one side it‘s a fun diversification, but seriously it just proves the point that business development concepts such as our efficient demand creation techniques are independent of specific markets. Furthermore, it underlines another point: global networking.
While representing European customers in Brazil, we encountered this great tasting and healthy Acai na Tigela. Some of us like it for it‘s taste of Brazil, other for it‘s healthy aspects (see also Wikipedia for traditional Brazilian medicine, Açaí Palm, Antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and vitamins).
Regardless, we‘ve monitored it‘s growth in Brasil over the last 10 years. Initially it was almost unknown, today it is known across the country and widely available at beaches and in shopping malls. We are convinced it will take on Europe in the next 10 years and you‘ll get it served in your favourite café, health club, or wellness hotel soon.

We don't only provide Açaí, but also many other fruits like Acerola, Pineapple, Cajá, Cajú, Cacao, Manga, Maracujá, Graviola, Gojaba, Coconut and Pitanga freshly frozen in Brazil, via a complete frozen supply chain directly to your door. This maintains the vitamins and the fresh taste of naturally ripened fruit.

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